Top tips on reducing stress

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We all want to lead stress-free lives, but that is easier said than done thanks to busy family and work lives. Being stressed out can have a negative effect on your body.

Stress produces adrenaline, which can upset the balance of hormones, causing under-eye bags, fine lines, redness and greying and thinning hair.

While it is almost impossible to be completely stress free, there are a number of things you can try to help reduce stress levels and leave you with a calmer head space. Try these for starters:

Take up a relaxing hobby 

Adult colouring is a great was to de-stress, so spend from thirty minutes to one hour with a colouring book and pencils. Concentrating on the colouring and staying in the lines helps you focus on something else and takes your mind off whatever is stressing you out.

We also have lots of ideas for other hobbies you could take up, just take a look here.

Get a massage 

Having a massage is a great way to release built up tension and relax. Massage can also help increase blood flow to your limbs, something which slows as we grow older. It also improves sleep, softens muscles and tissues and improves your immune support as it releases lots of toxins.

Exercise regularly 

It is well-known that exercising helps to boost your endorphins and reduce stress. Twenty minutes each day is all you need to reap the benefits. You could sign up to classes at your local gym, go for a swim or keep it simple with a brisk walk. Find out about the importance of exercise here.

If you’re a carer or look after a loved-one, it’s important you make time for yourself too. Follow our top tips for carers to de-stress.