Top apps for the elderly

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We recently wrote about how social media can help loneliness in the elderly and are firm believers that technology and computers can be for any age, not just the young.

Adults aged between 65 and 74 are almost twice as likely to use a smartphone now compared to 2012.

Social media sites are the most popular and most regularly used by the elderly in order to keep in contact with friends and relatives but there are lots of different websites, apps and activities online for the elderly to enjoy.

We’ve put together a list of some of our elderly service users’ favourite apps so you or an elderly relative or friend can download them at home:


  • Care UK has launched the free Pocket Physio app for physiotherapy exercises you might need to do in order to prepare for or recover from surgery.
  • Pill Reminder Pro is a great app for reminding you or an elderly relative/friend to take your medication.
  • MindMate is the ultimate app for senior citizens. It helps the user stay focused with a daily activity plan, nutrition advice, mental exercises and it also provides entertainment such as music and tv on demand.

Dementia and memory

  • The Sporting Memories Foundation launched its own app called Replay Sporting Memories where sports fans can access thousands of sporting memories from years gone by and share their own.
  • Lumosity contains 25+ brain stimulating games to challenge the users attention and memory. However, it is not cheap at £8.99 per month.


  • If reading is a big hobby of yours or your elderly relative/friend’s then the Kindle app is great as it contains a huge variety of ebooks you can read on iPad, iPhone or Android and you don’t need a special Kindle tablet to access them.
  • Allrecipes is perfect for food/cookery lovers as you can use it to discover new recipes and meal suggestions.
  • If you or an elderly relative or friend is a big fan of gardening but find it difficult due to mobility issues then why not do a bit of virtual gardening? The FlowerGarden app allows you to virtually pick seeds, plant and water them and watch them grow.