Help to Pay the Cost of Care

Costs & Funding

Most people would rather be cared for at home than move into a care home and there are various financing options and state funding schemes which can help people achieve this.

This page summarises how Live In Care is often financed.

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We recommend you obtain independent financial advice from an adviser registered with the Financial Services Authority.

State and Local Authority funding includes:

Attendance Allowance, Social Services support and ‘Direct Payments’, Carer’s Allowance, NHS Continuing Healthcare, Disability Living Allowance, Independent Living Fund. Not all of State and Local Authority funding is means tested.

Social Services Support

What is it?

Local authorities provide financial assistance, advice and other forms of support to elderly, sick and disabled people who need help with their personal care.

Your local Social Services can arrange and may pay or contribute towards the cost of your care, subject to an assessment to ascertain eligibility for services.

Social Services cannot contribute to any nursing needs you may have.

Who might be eligible?

In Wales you will not be asked to pay more than £60 per week towards your care regardless of your financial situation. IN other parts of the UK if you have savings or investments of less than £23,250 you may be eligible for financial support.

How much can it pay?

The simple answer is it varies. Social Services can also provide special equipment to make life easier like bathroom aids or ramps.

For more information: Contact Social Services at your local County Council Office.

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Paying for your care

Many people love to leave an inheritance to their heirs but paying for long term care may mean this can’t happen. The Wealth Care Partnership’s advice can help protect estates as well as funding care, providing peace of mind and security.

If you would like to speak to one of their care fees specialists, call their Freephone number on 0800 6528232 or you can visit their website