Having a diagnosis of dementia doesn’t mean that you have to lose control of your life, or your independence. Many people continue to live fulfilled and happy lives for many years, even if adjustments are necessary.

If a close member of your family suffers from Dementia, it can be challenging trying to cope with work, family and care options.


Why Choose Dementia Support?

Dementia sufferers may find that live-in care is a far better alternative to long term residential care. With one to one bespoke support, the service user will not need to leave familiar surroundings, or pets, will have 24 hour support and be assured that the carer has the skills needed to encourage independence, provide kindness and understanding and will do so in a dignified and professional manner.

To discuss our Dementia Care and Support services call your local office, we are here to talk seven days a week.

We are able to offer Dementia Support to those living with Dementia and their family, in a caring, professional and understanding way.

Dementia Support – help is at hand

Live-In support for people with Dementia provides many benefits, but we do not underestimate that it is a big step inviting someone new into your home.

However, our carers will soon become a valuable member of the household, who will support the Service User to be as independent as possible, whilst undertaking the cooking, washing, household chores and shopping if required.

Quality time can be spent with family and friends at any time, to suit the Service User, in their own environment.

At Abacare we always take into consideration that…

Each person with dementia is a unique individual with their own individual experiences of life, their own needs and feelings, and their own likes and dislikes.
Although some symptoms of dementia are common to everyone, dementia affects each person in different ways. It is vital that this is recognised and understood.

We all need to feel valued and respected and it is important for a person with dementia to feel that they still have an important part to play in life. We strive to give encouragement, reassurance and support other family members to understand the person’s needs and concerns.